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BlackBerry PlayBook™Tablet

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Games Webcast
February 16, 2012

Join us for your chance to win passes to GDC 2012 and PlayBook Tablets!

Our webcast on Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 will run February 16th at 11:00am EST. This session will cover key business and technical information needed for creating native games for BlackBerry. It will take an in-depth look at the BlackBerry NDK 2.0, tell you about the available development tools and provide tips on how to monetize and sell your games on BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry 10. Industry experts will be available to share key lessons and you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered through an interactive Q&A.

Raffle and Prizes
RIM will be flying three lucky winners to San Francisco (CA) to attend the Game Developers Conference. Selection will occur during the webcast so be sure to attend. There’s more! The first 100 registrants to enter the webcast will qualify for a free BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet. Don’t worry if you’re not one of the first 100. We have another 100 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets to give away.

Why develop for
BlackBerry PlayBook™Tablet

RIM is now betting big on the Mobile Gaming Applications, which is by far the most rewarding application category.

The average BlackBerry app generates: 43% more daily downloads than the average iOS app and 48% more daily downloads than the average Android app.
(Source: Research2Guidance report, Aug 2011)

“BlackBerry developers are not as plentiful but 13% make over $100,000 from the App World apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple developers, and will help that platform continue to be compelling to developers”
(Source: Application Distribution survey, Evans Data Corp, Sept 2011)

BlackBerry App World:
• Has more paid downloads than Android Market.
(Source: The Yankee Group, Sept 2011)

• Is the 2nd most profitable app store after Apple.
(Source: Evans Data, Sept 2011)

RIM is building an optimized and differentiated platform from the Ground Up to enable DEVELOPERS to capitalize on the Mobile Gaming Opportunity with BLACKBERRY.

How develop for
BlackBerry PlayBook™Tablet

Now you have the big opportunity to start developing Games and Rich Apps for BlackBerry Playbook with C/C++, Native SDK (NDK), Scoreloop and BBM integration.

We also have:

Tutorials to help you get started utilizing the powers of the BlackBerry Playbook in your own applications by letting you follow easy to understand, step by step guides.


Support Forums that allow you to ask questions and learn from experts, ramp up your knowledge, chat with peers and solve coding issues.

Native SDK (NDK)
C/C++ for BlackBerry Playbook and in the near future for millions of BB10 OS smartphones, represents the cornerstone for Game Developers, something that really transforms the BlackBerry Platform today into a very attractive one for Developers allowing them to create astonishing gaming experiences.

Scoreloop is about connecting games and people who play them. Scoreloop SDK is next generation technology that enables mobile social gaming. It lets game developers integrate Scoreloop’s set of social gaming features into their games. Leverage Scoreloop to enable Social features (like User Profile, Leaderboards, Challenges, Awards and Achievements) and connect with friends.

BBM Connected Apps
Developers can leverage BBM - an extremely active social network with highly engaged users to take advantage of the social aspects of Gaming, creating truly engaging experiences and driving application discoverability because of the viral nature of this social platform. There are over 50 million BBM users worldwide and over 70% of them use BBM daily. In several countries in Latin America, BBM penetration is almost 100%.